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binary modifications, etc - by Fyyre

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-=[ internals ]=-

UPGDSED - Universal PatchGuard and Driver Signature Enforcement Disable

pgo.txt - Patch Guard & Driver Signing in 2017

-=[ mischief ]=-

secpol_nogui.txt - Security Policy w/o secpol.msc display

junos_persist_after_access.txt - very simple/effective rootkit for Juniper MX & SRX series

werfault.txt - werfault - i hate you!

dllmain.cpp - Metasploit Pro Crack, beyond trivial

no_skype_advertisement.txt - Remove Skype client ads, is simple...

-=[ Lineage II ]=-

fyyre-l2old-all.rar - everything from in one rar - pwd: Fyyre

ct2p3_sdk.rar - Gracia Final, generated SDK for client.

Things I discover first of Lineage II:

buildzone(pefect geodata from client)

Disable of GameGuard

Unicode(Non-English) chat

change blowfish key

change authport

"serverless mode"


copy and paste to/from L2 client

log of in game chat

if you still run L2 today

you use something I discovered

-=[ vault ]=-

password for all archive files: Fyyre

if not understand, not download!!

bootloader.txt - Bypassing X64 Windows Vista & Windows 7 PatchGuard

bootloader_v2.txt - Bypassing PatchGuard on Windows 8 x64 ( dev preview )

bootkit_fasm.7z - Disable PatchGuard & Driver signature enforcement via mbr

hidetoolz.7z - HideToolz 2.2 w/ support Windows 7 (7601)

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